Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hello España '08

Germany 0-1 Spain

Got the score wrong, but I got the result right.

Spain deserved to win by more than one goal, but the final ball always seemed to be lacking. (Hence the need for the goal out of nothing from Torres.) And maybe Fàbregas didn't get to score his second international goal but he was immense in midfield. I think Arsenal could win the EPL next year with Cesc in that sort of form.

Germany? They didn't even deserve a sniff at the trophy. All the more reason to regret that Turkey couldn't get to the final. Ballack should have got sent off for his cynical and bad tempered tackling, and Lehman was always a stray back pass away from some comedy goalkeeping.

Brilliant tournament all round and, now that the monkey is off their back, Spain for the World Cup in 2010?


Reidski said...

I'm with you all the way with every word you write, Darren. For the first time in about 20 years, I didn't put money on them - what a tosser!
But this could be the start of something seriously good for Spain.

Darren said...

Sure it wasn't the first time in 44 years that you haven't put any money on them?

Spain really don't have any excuses now. If the ESPN commentator is anything to go by, just about every hoodoo of their was broken when they won the European Championship last night.

. . . And Northern Ireland have the kudos of claiming a major scalp from the qualifying stages. ;-)

gray said...

Spain are wankers!

I hate them, hate them, HATE THEM!!!
They always get paired with Denmark in competitions and always do us over, hence the hate.

Spain's only saving grace is they aren't Italy or Germany.

(goes to petty git corner)

Kevin Williamson said...

Spain deserved to win. They played football the way it should be played. With much respect also to Croatia, Netherlands, Russia and Portugal who also played entertaining football. A great tournament all round.

Now bring on the Swedes this Saturday in the Intertoto Cup... so much for the close season break!