Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who ate all the pies?

Kara at 26 weeks.


gray said...

awwww how cute!

Kara looks pretty big though. Are you sure it's just the one bairn and not a fair few new recruits to make some SPGB branch meetings quorate?

Darren said...

No, it's just the one.

We're 95% sure that it's a boy, and we've already picked out a name, a football team for him to support and his taste in music for him but thought we'd leave the matter of his political leanings on hold until he's a little bit older.

How does two years old sound to you?

Just old enough to understand the Socialist Standard final paragraph. Just young enough not to get hacked off at seeing that final paragraph in the Socialist Standard for the gazillionth time.

Bill said...

Only world socialism will stop him from being pissed off from seeing the final paragraph for the gazillionth time.

John said...

Ronaldinho, Barcelona, punk.

Am I right?

Reidski said...

a great pic.

Name: Jocky (after Wilson, Scotland's greatest every sportsman)
Football team: Kilwinning Rangers
Politics: Third campist like his dad!

hee hee

Kara said...

Owen, Indianapolis Colts, Punk, Experimental Indie and Mexican Hip Hop, Radical Feminism.

Darren said...


Brilliant. ;-)


see Kara's reply below. She's wrong as well. (Apart from the name, that is.)


Kilwinning Rangers? Not if they were the last team in the Scottish Junior Cup.

Not Jocky, but Shug was a possibility at one point.

Third Campist? Ouch, you really know how to kick a bloke when he's politically down.


I'm tempted to do that seven song meme now, tag you and then ask you to list your seven favourite Mexican Hip Hop tracks.

Radical Feminism? Couldn't we just compromise with Socialist Feminism?

That way I could get expelled from the WSM for political devitiationism, and Owen could get to meet Barbara Ehrenreich.

Kevin Williamson said...

If this is a "name the baby" blog ratings booster then yer rumbled.

Could I suggest Sauzee? A fine swashbuckling debonair first name for a young chap about town.

Club: Hibernian Womens Football Club. Choose Johnny Cash. Choose Sexual Confusion. Choose Wife.

Darren said...


we've already decided on the name.

Owen Eugene + double-barreled surname.

Owen because of the Welsh connection, and because of 19th century Bob.

Eugene because of the Indiana connection, and because of that bald bloke who ran for the US Presidency five times last century. (Wait up, he is the Indiana connection.)