Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Manic Internet Preacher

Whilst the SPGB website continues to do its extended impersonation of Lord Lucan, here's just another cheap excuse to once again bring attention to the Socialist Standard Past and Present blog. This morning it chalked up its 8,000th post. Telegrams were read, hosannas were sung and Paul Hollywood refused my request to bake a cake.

Feel free to check it out at your leisure. Discover new (old) Socialist Standard writers such as May Otway, John A. Dawson and Eddie Critchfield. (All top notch writers, in my humble opinion). Sit and wonder if any SPGBers went to the cinema before 1943, and, just think, if the early Impossiblists had hated capitalism as much as they hated John Burns and Will Thorne back in the day, we'd have arrived at socialism  thirteen years before the "White Horse" FA Cup final.

Sunday, September 02, 2018

C'est Magnifique

They welcome the chase, don't you know?

Sep 2, 2018: Celtic 1 R*ngers 0

Don't be fooled by the seemingly close result. R*ngers got their arse handed to them on a cheap knock off plate from the Barras. Hit the woodwork four times, dealt with some dodgy refereeing and all the media talk of Slippy G. closing the gap is postponed for another couple of weeks.

Boyata was immense . . .  Brown didn't rise to the bait and the provocations  . . . and this screen grab suggests Nacho Novo wishes he was somewhere else:

Still Crazy (1998)

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)