Saturday, June 21, 2008

Excuse me . . .

. . . whilst I act out the self-aggrandising dick routine.

Granted it isn't on a par with The Beatles on April 4th 1964, but 4, 5 and 6 on google for the Socialist Standard is not bad.

I even made it to number 3 on google with SPGB.

I want a chocolate teapot by way of a reward. Failing that, a chocolate fireguard will do.


Will said...

another one bites the dust: Netherlands 2-1 Russia

Darren said...

Don't like that stat of group winners going out at the quarter final stage. Doesn't bode well for the Spanish tomorrow.

I was surprised by how effusive Hiddink was in his team's goal celebration. Didn't he get done for tax evasion a few years back in the Netherlands? I bet it was connected.

Will said...

Fuck all that -- I thoght it was a great game and the winners were the ones who fucking deserved to win.

PS. Apparently Sunny Hundal is a child fucker.

I know -- isn't it amazing!