Saturday, June 28, 2008

'Point of order, Comrade Chair.'

Further to this post from a few hours ago, I feel a clarification is necessary.

It wasn't a case of me typing 'SPGB wankers' into the google search engine to see what came up. (I got past such political juvenilia months ago.) It was a genuine sitemeter sighting.

Some bounder looked upon the vast majesty that is the interweb, the trillions upon trillions of pages of knowledge and wonder and decided that the most important thing to discover was what pages would be placed in his lap if he typed 'SPGB wankers' into a search engine.

The SPGB Control Commission is now pursuing the matter. From the screen grab below, they've been able to discern that he is residing in Glasgow, uses Internet Explorer and that he doesn't spend nearly enough time on the blog of the 'only SPGBer in New York'.

I'd like to further speculate that he is a Partick Thistle supporter, has been known to drink Bellhaven and thinks that REM are a much better band since the drummer, Bill Berry, left.

Have you noticed how these speculations always come in three's? I believe it has something to do with quoracy.


Reidski said...

I just Googled "Trot cunts" and it came up with a page which included the following:

"Government chauffeurs are just another bunch of lying trot cunts, who have insulated pentions and an idle streak! fuck em!!! Howard is a top bloke who want ed to lock up scum bags rather than persicute motorists. next stop Lord Howard of Llanelli. I hope!"

Bizarre the things you find on the internet!

voltaires said...

And to think I'd never even googled "Socialist Wanker" before...

Darren said...

From the "Socialist Wanker" website:


bastards nicked the SPGB's mission statement!

voltaires said...

Weird site tho, ain't it? Just been looking around it some more and it seems more than a bit politically ropey itself at points.