Sunday, June 15, 2008

Adding those sidebar links back one post at a time (1)

Better late than never:

  • The World Socialist - Semi official blog for the World Socialist Party of the United States. Maintained by the same comrade who also does the WSPUS MySpace page, and the blog is mostly made up articles originally posted on the MySpace page.
    The most recent article on the blog is a reprint of the 2004 Socialist Standard article, 'Democracy and 'democracy''.
  • Socialism Or Your Money Back - SPGB's blog maintained by Graham in Denmark, Rob in Norway and Matt in Livingston. I believe the GB stands for Global Blogging. Sadly, the SPGB blog and the Socialist Standard are still to get on the same page but maybe when the blog get it's fourth member (from Cape Verde) everything will fall into place.
    Recent posts include a look back at the assassination of Robert Kennedy, 'Labour embraces militarism' and 'Is Big Brother necessary?' In answer to the last question, they should have cancelled the show after Brian won the second season.
  • Socialist Courier - A blog maintained by SPGB comrades in Scotland. Regularly updated, the posts on the blog are like the comrades who pen them: short, to the point and prone to sarcasm.
  • Socialist Banner - A WSM blog that focuses on politics, society and class struggle in Africa.
  • Let's Have Socialism - aka as 'isn't it about time we tried socialism?'. this is the personal blog of Graham, an SPGBer living in Denmark. The blog has an emphasis on the environment, socialism, death metal and the pain of being a Gillingham FC supporter.
    On what would have been his 80th birthday this weekend, Graham has a big fuck off post on Che Guevera. And I do mean 'fuck off'.
  • More padded out posts to follow.

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