Thursday, June 05, 2008

A panini with a baloney filling to go

Brilliant. I need never suffer from bloggers block ever again. Just discovered the perfect space filler courtesy of Socialist Unity blog's posting of Mark Perryman's Euro 2008 article, 'Our Single European Currency'.

I need not concern you with the article itself right now - that isn't a criticism, per se - but I would like to mention that Mark's piece originally appeared in the German footie magazine, 11 Freunde.

Clicked on the link to the German language football magazine, and sad to say that my two years of day dreaming and messing about in German lessons in my second and third year of Secondary School has ill-equipped me to understand 99.9% of what looks like a fascinating website, but my eye did catch the 'Panini-Zufallsbekanntschaft' (roughly translated as 'Panini-chance acquaintanceship') on the bottom right hand side of the page. If and when you refresh the page, you get a new panini sticker from past World Cups staring back at you.

It totally appeals to my inner football-geekery and half-baked nostalgia, and comes at the right time when I'm getting overly excited at the prospect of the start of the European Championships.

Daft thing is that normally I can take or leave the Euro Championships. I usually just keep an eye out for the final itself at the end of the tournament and, before that concluding match, idly speculate on how England will majestically fuck it up this time on the international stage, but I guess that the end of the season high drama of that penalty miss and Celtic retaining its title against the odds has resulted in me wanting more and more football.

So, in keeping with this cheap all you can eat buffet of close season football, I've decided that, whilst the tournament is going on, the blog will be given over to alternating posts between the usual meanderings about the SPGB, cheap pop music and sightings of Glenn Matlock in the East Village, with posts that are about nothing more than subject of the particular panini sticker that is randomly thrown up by refreshing the page on the 11 Freunde website. I'm sure that the blog in the coming weeks will be by equal turn embarrassing, boring and overly verbose. Just another Saturday afternoon on the blog, then.

Two thousand posts here I come.


Reidski said...

"Take or leave the European championships" - you what, mate?

I'm well looking forward to it. got Portugal in the office sweep, but have a wee feeling for Russia for this tournament. In fact, before the sweep took place, I had a wee feeling for a Russia v Portugal final, as long as they avoid each other beforehand. After seeing Netherlands against Wales last, think the orange bastards will finish last in their group. Italy and France do nothing for my mojo. Germany always there or thereabouts, but don't think they're good enough. Which leaves Spain, who I always bet on to win tournaments but who always let me down. So, if I don't put money on them, they'll probably win ...

roll on the weekend ...

Darren said...


don't misunderstand me. I will watch and enjoy the European Championship but if recent tournaments are anything to go by, I want be in love with it. I hope it proves me wrong, but I won't be holding the old proverbial breath.

Bottom line is that club football is better than international football in every 96/100 cases, but I know that you're not supposed to say that.

There's beer to sell, bums to put on sofa seats and those bastard annoying Nike commercials seeping into your sub-conscious come half time and full time on the commercial stations.

I've yet to decide who I think will win this year's tournament. Once I find out who Alan Hansen, Alan Lineker and Mark Lawrenson have plumped for, I'll be sure to have a lucky dip from the countries left over. ;-)

Darren said...

PS - Who did Bob Crow get in the office sweep?

I bet if London May Day is anything to go by, he's went for Turkey.