Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Make haste boys, I think St Marks Bookshop is that way."

My sitemeter tells me that I have one reader in New York City, so this post is especially for the Anglophile looking in.

If you so desire, you can now get the whole tactile experience of handling - nah, buying - the Socialist Standard at St Marks Bookshop in the East Village. The May and June issues are currently available for the jacked up price of three dollars.

Yep, more expensive than a slice but, on the other hand, cheaper than a small jar of marmite from that wee deli on Second Avenue.

With a copy of the Standard under your arm, and a Marie Lloyd retro T shirt wrapped around your torso, you could be the ultimate Lower East Side hipster . . . 1904 vintage.

Actually, now that I think about it, my sitemeter may be trying to deceive me. My solitary NYC reader was probably me wandering into a Internet Cafe one time to check out my blog when I was half-drunk. What else would I look at under the influence?


Christina said...

Thats funny

- a girl from NY who may or may not buy one.

ellen said...

o joy! from an nyc reader via myspace

another congenial NYC home for the issues would most definitely be Bluestockings on Allen St.

that's truly the Lower East Side of socialist song and story

Darren said...


thanks for the comment. I'll leave it at that. ;-)


I'd love it if Bluestockings would stock the magazine, but my impression is that they might get sniffy at the sight of the 'S' word.

They did stock the 'Capitalism and Other Kids Stuff' DVD a wee while back, but they weren't prepared to stock the Socialism Or Your Money Back book which was a shame.

I do like Bluestockings. I pop in there whenever I'm in that part of the Lower East Side, and I've been known to attend a few of the lectures/meetings that they hold there, but they can give off that high handed vibe that (some) anarchists are known for.

I don't mind people disagreeing with my politics. It comes with the SPGB territory, but it's nicer if they actually know what they're disagreeing with in the first place. ;-)