Monday, June 09, 2008

Panini-Zufallsbekanntschaft #4

Antonio Benarrivo (Italy - USA'94)

Pity poor Antonio Benarrivo. The poor bastard didn't stand a chance.

Catapulted into Italy's first eleven at the '94 World Cup in the States after Italy lost their opening game to the Republic of Ireland, he went on to play every game right up to, and including, the final.

And yet it was to all to come to nothing: losing on penalties to a lack lustre Brazilian team in what was the worst World Cup final since this one, and to top it all he was 2/2 in the runners-up stakes by coming in second to this guy in the David Duchovny lookalike competition to .

For Benarrivo, 1994 was probably the worst year of his life. To this day, he is seen wandering the streets of Parma. A forlorn figure, he is heard mumbling to himself over and over again, 'It was the haircuts that killed us. It was the haircuts that were our downfall. If only Roberto had not gone for the rat pony tail. If only I'd decided against the wet perm look . . . . '94 would have been our year. It would have been my year.'

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