Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hi Hi versus Hail Hail in 2011/12?

Daring to dream or are they just plain delusional?

The football romantic in me is taken by the idea of Third Lanark back in Scottish Football (perhaps playing Bradford Park Avenue in some future Champions League final), but looking at their stadium it looks like a bigger long shot than Austria doing the business in the current Euro Championship.

A quick glance at their wiki page reveals that they actually won the Scottish League in 1904. I never knew that. Maybe it's a sign? And - cue gratuitous dig at the Scottish Patient - they won the Scottish Cup in more recent memory (1905)* than his beloved Hibs (1902).

On reflection, it is nice to see a nonsense Scottish football story in the close season press that doesn't involve Strachan pretending that he is going to buy the latest whizz kid from Euro'08, but I'll continue to hold for Spartans FC replacing Gretna FC in the Scottish League. It's about time that Edinburgh had a decent football team. It's been over thirty years since Ferranti Thistle carried the torch.

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