Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mixing Footie and Politics (2)

Chelsea got their man finally, and what a man:

"[He] tortured a lot but there is no illiteracy in Chile" - Big Phil offers a Thatcheresque critique of General Pinochet's leadership.

That quote's courtesy of the Guardian Sports Blog, where they've paced out 'Big Phil' Scolari's football life in quotes.

What would've been the Guardian Sport Desk's witty rejoinder if it had been the same worded quote but instead of Scolari talking up Pincochet, he was talking up Fidel Castro instead?

The bloke sounds like a dick, anyway. Actually worse than that, he sounds like Big Vern with trackie bottoms on.

Next season's post match interviews should be fun grimly fascinating. Odds on he has a tear up with Wenger before it ever gets to the point where him and Fergie exchange touchline spittle.

Anyone but Portugal for the Euro Championship.

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