Sunday, June 08, 2008

Panini-Zufallsbekanntschaft #2

Alain Sutter (Switzerland - USA'94)

Mixing footie with politics is good 2/2. When he wasn't auditioning for a eighties hair metal tribute band, Alain Sutter, led the Swiss team in 1995 in protesting - before a football match with France - against the French Government's decision to resume nuclear testing in the South Pacific.

Actually that is unfair to Sutter with the hair metal gibe. He was obviously going for the Argentinian footballer look, and once you've got that down pat the left of centre politics come naturally.

Anybody actually remember how the Swiss did at the '94 World Cup in the States? I sure as hell can't. Though I can remember McCoist screamer against them at the '96 Euro Championships.

OK, just checked. The last 16 . . . and they spanked the Romanians 4-1 in the group stages. That was a bit of a tasty result against one of the better teams in the '94 World Cup. Obviously a hot and cold side. The Swiss lost 3-0 in the last 16 to the hot and cold side, par excellence, the Spanish.

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