Sunday, June 15, 2008

Adding those sidebar links back one post at a time (1.5)

One of my absolute favourite music blogs is no more. Not 100% sure what happened, but I think it involved Julian Cope's back catalogue and someone getting mightily pissed. So, Spinster's Rock, RIP.

That's the sad news. The glad news is that the bloke behind the Rock, Nolan Micron, - is that an anagram or his scientologist name? - has started up a new blog by the name of Castles In Space. The byline for the new blog is 'New House. Same Shit', which, coincidentally, will be the exact same words I'll be using after the next General Election when 'New Conservatives' unseat 'New' Labour from the Government benches.

With his new blog, NM promises more music, mixes and cassette rips. The least you can do is promise to bookmark his new blog.

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