Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Adding those sidebar links back one post at a time (2)

Trying to get the 'Thank You For The Music' sidebar up and running again. Some old faces make a reappearance and there's also some new kids on the blogroll. Sorry for the delay . . . I'm a slow listener.

  • 7" From The Underground - Excellent vintage blog from (I think) Italy. The emphasis is on post-punk, cold wave and 'minimal synth', so don't expect any Dr Hook out takes. The emphasis is on bands and individuals from mainland Europe, so think on that when you were shaking a leg to Ryan Paris and FR David back in the eighties, there were bands out there doing Depeche Mode . . . but better.
  • Chromosome Damage - Nine times out of ten the music posted on this blog is too esoteric or too raucous for my tastes - a Gummo Soundtrack, anyone? - but bookmark it for now as it will come in handy the next time a music meme does the rounds. The musos' won't know what's hit them.
  • Fritz Die Spinne - The subheading for this music blog is 'The mad ramblings of one music obsessed old goth', but please don't let that scare you off. I've already shone my torch into the blog, and I promise: there's no Fields of the Nephilim lurking in the shadows. Very similar in tone and period to the 7" From The Underground blog, so if you've already clicked on that blog and liked what you saw, you're in for a further treat.
  • Hooligan's Lament - Excellent music blog with an emphasis on all things Celtic (Keltic, not Seltic) and/or folky. Whoever HL is, he recognises the genius that is Roddy Frame and that's good enough for me.
  • Sons Of The Dolls - In short, guitars . . . guitars and more guitars. Anything from punk to pub rock to rock and roll to alternative country. Perfect cousins need not apply nor look in. The synthesiser would have been banjoed across their bounce quicker than you can say, 'Where can I plug in my fairlight?'
  • Take The Pills! - Excellent music blog with an especial emphasis on C86 and the generation inspired by it but it's so much more. At the last count, the label on the blog for twee had 235 entries. That's a lot of hot sugary tea whichever way you look at it.
  • The Post Punk Progressive Pop Party - For obvious reasons, aka as '5P'. An 'On this date in 80s music history blog'. Well, in truth, more like a 76-84 music history blog. How else will you know when it's Stiv Bators (posthumous) birthday? What day in history did The Stranglers release 'Golden Brown'? Or, the clincher, who wrote Lene Lovich's minor hit 'New Toy'? But how come there's no mention of Blue Rondo A La Turk? Were they really that bad?
  • More linkage to follow.

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