Friday, June 13, 2008

Mixing Footie and Politics (3)

Christ, maybe this series should be renamed 'Mixing Footie and Right-Wing Politics? On the heels of Big Phil Scolari's admiration for General Pinochet comes this old quote from Fabio Capello:

"In Madrid, I breathed a sparkling atmosphere, the air of a country in Europe making the greatest progress. When I returned to Italy it seemed I had taken two steps back. Spain in two words? Latin warmth and creativity regulated by a rigorous order. The order which comes from Franco... he left a legacy of order. In Spain, everything works well, there is education, cleanliness, respect. We should follow their example." [From here.]

What's the bastard deal with football patriarchs and right-wing politics? Used to be the case that footballing patriarchs were identified with the left. Where's this year's Stein, Clough, Busby or Shankly?

Just another reason to want the Trevors to fuck it up come the qualifying rounds for the 2010 World Cup.

Hat tip to 'Red O' over at Urban 75.

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