Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Getting past that first footnote

Via Andy N over at Socialist Unity blog:

"David Harvey, the Marxist urban theorist and geographer, has been teaching a course on Marx’s Capital (Vol. 1) to postgraduate students at CUNY and John Hopkins University for more than thirty years. This is a (slightly) famous course and several noteable Marxist academics have taken it at one point or another.

This year, Harvey is making the whole course available online for free.

Each of the lectures, including questions and discussion from his postgraduate students, is being filmed and put on his website soon afterwards. The course consists of 13 two hour lectures. The first two are already up, an introductory lecture and a lecture dealing with Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. The idea is that people will read two chapters of Capital and then listen to the lecture before moving on to the next two, as if you were taking his class in CUNY. If anyone is thinking about reading or re-reading Capital this will probably be of great assistance. Harvey is a very interesting thinker and also an engaging lecturer and he knows Capital inside out. 26 hours of lectures look like they will be a fantastic resource. The third lecture is due to go online in three days.

Here it is: http://www.davidharvey.org"

Should be worth checking out. What with the world economy more jittery than Peter Cech in a penalty box at the moment, all the old theories for impending economic crisis will be doing the rounds again.

I heard David Harvey speak on a panel at the recent Left Forum. If I concentrated, I was lucky if I understood every tenth sentence from the esteemed panellists. It was an hour and a half of drowning in economics terminology and academic jargonese. Perhaps I should be checking out that course, rather than just linking to it?


stuart said...

Thanks for this tip Darren! I've been thinking of re-reading Marx's masterpiece, and this looks a good companion. Cheers

Darren said...

And therein lies the historic split between the Sitcom Tendency and myself: you're thinking of re-reading Marx's 'Capital' whereas I'm thinking of re-reading Townsend's 'The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole'. ;-)

stuart said...

Your tendency sounds more fun. Is there a reading group? May I recommend Pippi Longstocking for it?


Phil BC said...

Haven't the SPGB got any reading notes for Capital pamphlets or something?

I've got all the three volumes on my shelf and managed to get about 300 pages in in my last attempt, but it really is one of those books that reads best as part of a collective endeavour IMO

stuart said...

Phil's right, I'd never have got through it without a reading group. There were only two of us left by the final chapters, but it was worth it!

Darren said...


They do, and the SPGB has organised Capital reading groups in the past. (Stuart organised the last one, if I recall.)

I was being glib . . . but not about Sue Townsend. She's my all time favourite Bevanite.