Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mixing Pop and Politics (9)

What with his usual attire and the concerts for the troops, I never pegged Kid Rock as a Direct Action Anarchist type, but he seems to be getting a bit spikey late in life if these quotes from the BBC website are anything to go by:

"And I go: 'Wait a second, you've been stealing from the artists for years. Now you want me to stand up for you?'

"I was telling kids - download it illegally, I don't care. I want you to hear my music so I can play live."

Asked whether he was worried about illegal downloading, he replied: "I don't agree with it. I think we should level the playing field. I don't mind people stealing my music, that's fine. But I think they should steal everything.

"You know how much money the oil companies have? If you need some gas, just go fill your tank off and drive off, they're not going to miss it."

Oh wait up, wrote too soon: he's once of those type of anarchists:

But he said he did not implement that advice himself. "No, I don't steal things. I'm rich."

There must be a small scale laboratory in the 'burbs that produces a steady stream of this strain of anarchist.

Who's going to break the news to the old Subversion mob? I bet they were ready to bring the magazine out of retirement for a special one off 'Class War In The Moshpit' issue. They'll be gutted.


Kara said...

Actually, Kid Rock grew up in an affluent suburb of Detroit - in a McMansion- so yeah, he fits the stereotype.

Phil BC said...

Conditions, consciousness, etc.

Will you be reinstituting the blogroll btw? My viewers have dropped by 80 since you removed it!

Darren said...


sorry about dragging my feet with the blogroll. Recently, I've been too consumed with the footie (so consumed that I've neglected to blog about the footie).

I'll be topping up the blogroll in the next few days . . . he says with a straight face.

"My viewers have dropped by 80 since you removed it!"

Hey, watch it! I only click on your blog 28 times a day. The other 52 views are from some other cyber-stalker.

Reidski said...

The only (well, one of two) good thing about the Download Festival last week was that Kid Rock pulled out at the last minute. Must get round to blogging about my hellish weekend at that btw!