Monday, June 09, 2008

Panini-Zufallsbekanntschaft #3

Oscar (Brazil - Mexico'86)

Such is the luck of the draw with the Panini sticker random generator.

This time round, José Oscar Bernardi ('Oscar') is thrown our way, but unfortunately it's from the '86 World Cup that took place in Mexico. Unfortunate for Oscar because by that point he was at best a squad player for Brazil and didn't actually have any minutes on the field of play in Mexico. (Wouldn't that have sucked if Brazil had won the World Cup . . . to get a winner's medal just for turning up? The glass would have been half empty.)

That is a tad unfair with regards to Oscar because he had previously played over sixty times for the Brazilian national team, and he was part of that brilliant Brazilian team that lit up the '82 World Cup in Spain. The bastard even scored the second goal against Scotland in that 4-1 drubbing.

Of course, everyone remembers Zico's unstoppable free kick, and Eder's deft chip which is a shame for Oscar but a boon for the unnamed Scottish defender who decided to leave the near post, thus allowing Oscar the easiest of headed goals.

During my exhaustive research for this post, I discovered that someone by the name of Zidane scored against Northern Ireland in the '86 World Cup (they were in the same group as Brazil), and it's claimed on wiki that he's related to Zinedine Zidane.

"Citation" is needed to verify whether or not that is in fact true, so in that wikian spirit I'm claiming that Oscar was named after Oscar Niemeyer. The "citation's" in the post.

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