Saturday, November 03, 2007

Xmas Comes Early For A Music Geek

Where have you been all my life?

Hat tip to Church of Me's Marcello for a gateway into a lost world. And why in particular the Top 75 chart for the week ending the 29th of May 1982 as the link? Well, according to Marcello:

"Because the first half of it [1982] was the apex of New Pop; because in particular the chart for the week ending 29 May may well be the greatest Top 40 singles chart ever . . ."

It's too early for me to say whether I agree with him or not. (Though at first glance it does look like a damn fine list.) Get back to me in about 18 hours or so?

In the meantime, enjoy the song that was at number 24 in the charts that week, and which is my all-time second favourite track from Dave Sylvian, Mick Karn and the other two:

Japan - 'Cantonese Boy' mp3

*Cough* Goes without saying that I've uploaded it for sampling purposes, and that you should in fact also check out the album that 'Cantonese Boy' is taken from, Tin Drum.


gray said...

for a terrible moment, I thought you would be linking to the nr. 13 song.

Darren said...

That song is a classic. I remember buying it at the time. Best football song ever.

In fact, I'd have at least 21 of that week's top 40 in a playlist for that era.

gray said...

to be truthful, the song sure beats # 26 and #27. ("This time, really, really this time...well perhaps, if we learn to take penalties, and don't face Germany, and provided we qualify in the first place...we'll get it right" is surely the number one, best-selling sequal?)

I'm amazed at how many songs I can't remember from that list! The best one, IMHO, is way at the bottom: the Exploited and "Attack", followed closely though by Maiden and "Number of the Beast"

Darren said...


we've been here before.

You just weren't a pop kid. ;-)

gray said...


admit it comrade. Once upon a time, you had dreams of the blue and white and a green/white hooped jersey, back then when you wore sandels, shorts and sucked a lollipop!

Myself, I was going to win the World Chess Championship or else scrum-half for England.

BTW, I hope you don't get dreamy and kick Kara, you idiot! (NB: It's in the song, in case readers of this don't know that 82 Scotland song.)

Darren said...

What's with the past tense?