Sunday, November 11, 2007

Where's My Manners?

There's me a couple of days back pointing people in the direction of Dave Cameron embracing all things co-operative, and yet I was neglectful in my revolutionary duty by failing to tie it in with the November Socialist Standard.

This month's 'Cooking the Books' column carries a wee piece where the original Green Shield Knight, Jonathan Porritt, is quoted stamping his own claim on the capitalism apologist chutzpah stakes by seeking to co-opt Co-operatism into the interests of saving capitalism from consuming itself*:

  • Co-opting the Co-op
  • What with Porritt and now Cameron bigging up co-operativism in recent weeks, I'm guessing that something must be in the think tank air. Maybe a paucity of new ideas? I'll leave that for the blogsphere's egg-heads to chew over. I'm off to try and find a Postcard mp3.

    *Please don't try and read that sentence out loud without first taking a deep breath. It may cause success spasms of alliterative ailments and aches.

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