Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Hoffs Estates

What a find. They were always so much more than that bloody awful 'Walk Like An Egyptian' dance and video (equally awful song as well, btw).

A really early clip of The Bangles - maybe they were even still known as The Bangs at the time - from a local Los Angeles tv show. The song is 'Real World', which was off their self-titled EP, so the clip could be dated from '82 or '83. Notice that it's also the original line up of the band, with Annette Zilinskas on bass. (She left the band to become lead singer of Blood on the Saddle.)

I remember first becoming aware of The Bangles when the video for their first single to be released in the UK, 'Hero Takes A Fall', was played on The Whistle Test way back in '84. Cue nostalgia trip: The wonders of a world before YouTube and the t'internet when a music video was taped off the telly and played to death until the betamax recorder was the traded in for the vastly inferior vhs. Those were the days.

Hat tip - and for more info on the clip - to the music blog, The Subversive Sounds . . .

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