Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday's Playlist #22

An ongoing series:

  • The Frantic Elevators, 'You Know What You Told Me' (The Indie Scene 80)
  • David Rovics, 'After The Revolution' (For The Moment)
  • The Undertones, 'You're Welcome' (Positive Touch)
  • TV 21 'Attention Span' (A Thin Red Line)
  • The Prisoners, 'Reaching My Head'
  • Gene Clark, 'So You Say You Lost Your Baby' (Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers)
  • Thomas Leer, 'All About You' (Pillows & Prayers)
  • Attila the Stockbroker, 'A bang and a Wimpey' (Pillows & Prayers)
  • Scars, 'All About You' (Author! Author!)
  • Matt Johnson, 'Another Boy Drowning' (Burning Blue Soul)

    stuart said...

    Atilla the Stockbroker! Ah, ain't he great? Had an album of "medieval punk" of his that I've since lost. Great stuff.

    Darren said...

    You should check out his MySpace page.

    Good regular updates and it looks like he's telling his life story via his blog:

    Attila The Stockbroker on MySpace

    A bang and a Wimpy is excellent. Could have been written yesterday. Do they still have Wimpy's in Britain. Last one I remember seeing was the one in Berwick Street, just down from Selectadisc.

    stuart said...

    Yes, you can still find the odd Wimpy. I saw one in Westcliffe on Sea, near Southend, when I was there recently. And there used to be one at Clapham Junction.

    Darren said...

    Please don't mention Clapham Junction.

    Yep, I'm one of the tens of thousands down the years who thought Clapham Junction was actually in Clapham. Fast forward throught the repressed memory of walking through Sarf London at chucking out time one cold and windy Friday night.

    Lived to post this comment. Only just.

    stuart said...

    Pity then the many poor souls who think that Warwick University is in Warwick, and take a train to Warwick. Pity even more those who know where it is and take a train to Coventry.