Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Two Words: Graeme Souness

Looks like Big Eck is being a little man by doing a Walter Smith.

So much for Scottish football being on the up. At least with Smith - and Docherty before him - they left the Scottish manager's position for sizeable jobs, but Birmingham City? If he says the words 'sleeping giant', feel free to scream with hysterical laughter. Bet the swine goes and signs Derek Riordan.

Next manager for Scotland? My fear is stated above. Especially fearful 'cos who in their right mind will head hunt Souness at a later date? Chris Hutchings has got a better chance of being head-hunted.

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John said...

The good news, of course, is Martin O'Neill's head-to-head record with McL. in derby matches.

I hope you do get Souness. At least it'll get him off Irish TV screens.