Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chartreuse With Envy

Wait till old Dundonian, George Galloway, hears about this. . . . . wait till Tim hears that George Galloway hears about this . . . . wait till Harry's Place hears that Tim hears that George Galloway has heard about this . . . expect a post from Lennie where he celebrates the fact that he no longer has to defend this sort of garbage . . . look forward to the five minutes to midnight script doctoring by Peter Morgan for Stephen Frears forthcoming political epic, 'The Respect Years'.

Hat tip to Alan J over at Mailstrom.


Will said...

Funniest post* on this here blog for a while!

*because it's also so V true

Darren said...

I'll take that as a barbed wire compliment, you grumpy geordie git. ;-)