Saturday, November 10, 2007

TinTin and Come the Fuck On

My plan to get Spielberg and Jackson to hitch Peter Watkins to the TinTin Rollercoaster Ride continues apace.

No confirmation email back yet from the Political Bureau of the ICC to follow up my suggestion of them sending a delegation to DreamWorks to do the dual activity of a paper sale on the WGA's picket line and to do a pitch of 'Breaking Free' to TinTin's producer, Kathleen Kennedy. (I know Laurie and Pierre can't do Los Angeles next weekend 'cos they've got that paper sale outside Brixton Tube Station that they have to do.)

No response yet from Will to my fax that he should audition for the part of Captain Haddock if and when DreamWorks do decide to go ahead with developing 'Breaking Free' for the big screen.

OK, need to see if the Makem/Geordie match is on FSC this morning. I'm guessing a 3-2 win for the Makems, with Wallace scoring the winner in the last five minutes.


And maybe Luke Akehurst as TinTin? But only if he loses the glasses.

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