Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The First Paper Sale To You

Weekly Bulletin of The Socialist Party of Great Britain (19)

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the 19th of our weekly bulletins to keep you informed of changes at Socialist Party of Great Britain @ MySpace.

We now have 917 friends!

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  • This week's top quote:

    "It is right and necessary that all men should have work to do which shall be worth doing, and be of itself pleasant to do; and which should be done under such conditions as would make it neither over-wearisome nor over-anxious." William Morris, 1884.

    Continuing luck with your MySpace adventures!

    Robert and Piers

    Socialist Party of Great Britain

    Hat tip to Buff for pointing me in the direction of Adam Koford.

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    robert said...

    You're worth your weight in Cornish pasties! No, hang on - you're worth *my* weight in Cornish pasties!