Monday, November 19, 2007

The Kensington Muffin

Factoid of the Day

Peter Saville did the sleeve design for Martha and the Muffins debut album, 'Metro Music'.

Yep, that Peter Saville.

Posted mp3 of the day

Best track from the aforementioned Metro Music:
  • Martha and the Muffins - Saigon mp3
  • Yep, even better than 'Echo Beach'. According to the good people at the 5P blog, 'Saigon' was the third track off the album, but sadly it never made a dent in the charts. Shame that they will always be seen as just another one hit wonder band.

    The connection between Saville and the Muffins? The second Martha in the band, Martha Ladly, I guess. That and the fact that Saville, as well as doing sleeve designs for Factory Records, appears to have also worked with DinDisc artists.

    Further Linkage:

  • Martha and the Muffins Official Website
  • Martha and the Muffins performing 'Echo Beach' on TOTP
  • Peter Saville Website
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