Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sitemeter Stockings

Ongoing space filler series:

  • spgb new york Mmm, yes?
  • Interesting to think that the New York contingent of the IBT is based in Brooklyn. Who else in Brookie would be looking up the IBT? They should produce a local propaganda sheet and call it 'The Red Hook'.
  • Albert Kidd continues to be a popular search for ex-pats.
  • Somebody's looking for video clips of Paul Telfer. Must be family.
  • The world and his Russian sister is still convinced that Gary Neville is a socialist. Overwhelmed by the plethora of choices on offer in London on the 17th of this month (1) (2) (3), Gary's decided to take a tour of Red Vienna that weekend, taking in the architecture and finding a suitable enough bench to sit on during the England/Austria game on the Friday night.
  • I'm sure if Paul Weller had had any association with Tring, he would have written a song about it before now. False trail people.
  • Shocker. Somebody actually finds what they are looking for via the blog: brecht drowned girl lyrics rosa luxemburg Maybe not.
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