Sunday, November 11, 2007

Name That Tune?

Morphing Into A Music Blog (8)

Brilliant idea for a music quiz from the Any Major Dude With Half A Heart music blog. With a five second intro, name that song:

  • Intros quiz: '70s edition
  • Intros quiz: '80s edition
  • All the tracks were top ten hits in either the States or the UK, so there shouldn't be anything in the mix that is too obscure.

    Naturally, suffering from '80s arrested development, I got 16/20 correct for that decade, but the '70s were a bit more of a mystery to me. AMD hasn't posted the answers to the '70s quiz yet, but I'm guessing that I got 9/19. I'm not complaining.

    See if you can do better. No cheating now.

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    Any major dude with half a heart said...

    Ah, thanks for the mention. The '70s quiz answers are up now.

    These quizzes are becoming popular, so I'll be doing more.

    I enjoy your blog. Are you familiar with the onetouchfootball forum (football shorts, socialism and music are big there)?