Thursday, November 15, 2007

From The West Coast With Love

Looking for a jpeg for The Jam album, Sound Affects*, allowed me to stumble across this excellent early eighties mixtape selection from somebody working or interning or squatting (I don't know) at a Seattle based FM station called KEXP Radio.

Don't know if it's some sort of college radio station. If they're playing stuff like this, I'll have to check it out online sometime.

Of the 21 tracks listed, I have 12 of them and wouldn't mind adding at another 4 of them. One quibble I might have is that the original demo of The Jam's 'That's Entertainment' is better than the version that ended up on Sound Affects. But it's a minor point; it's like saying Charlie Nicholas was better than Lubo Moravcik. They were both brilliant for Celtic,so it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things.

So much easier snaffling someone else's playlist/mixtape than coming up with your own.

*Arguably one of my favourite album covers of all time. I think it's the contrasting colours.

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