Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Knocking that screen grab off the top of the page

Mimicing A Music Blog (1)

I've been here before when singing the praises of Win, so, thankfully, I don't have to do my usual schtick, but I do think there's a nice bit of a symmetry with this one.

Many many years ago, when I first discovered blogs, the first blog that I would check out with any sort of regularity was the Scary Duck blog. Then as now, the Scary Duck bloke has a nice line in self-deprecation when detailing the minutiae of his life, and though I've not really checked him out regularly for a couple of years I do remember spending a couple of hours one night pissing myself laughing at some of his early posts about his schooldays - especially the story about the classroom porn collection. (Google search it. I'm sure it will come up.)

It was a nice surprise, therefore, when recently reading up on Davey Henderson sophomore band, to discover that the Scary Duck bloke is also part of that small but loyal club who thinks that Win's debut album, Uh! Tears Baby (A Trash Icon), is a neglected pop classic.

SDB is practically gushing in his post, and he rightly points out that their lack of chart success was not the fault of the music press, They loved them at the time, almost trying to will the band into the charts with the plaudits, centre spreads and singles of week that were thrown at them. I'm sure that the pic accompanying this post is from the old Record Mirror, which was my music paper of choice at the time, and I remember thinking that I wanted that bloke's red paisley shirt. How some things never change.

Everybody and their aunt always posts 'Super Popoid Groove' or 'You've Got The Power' from the album on their music blogs, so I think I'll break from the norm by posting 'Shampoo Tears' as a sample track.

  • 'Shampoo Tears' mp3
  • Not the strongest track on the album by any means, but think of it as a third single from an album. The one that has the expensive video, but which only gets to number 23 in the charts because everybody has the album by this point.