Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Politically Enlightened by Ted Rogers and Dusty Bin

Ticking over, linking up:

  • Marx and Coca-Cola has been added to the blogroll. All I know about the blogger is that he is out of Seattle, describes himself as a libertarian socialist, and that I like the cut of his jib. More please.
  • Norman Mailer 1923-2007 I know I keep linking to the Splintered Sunrise blog at the moment, but it's the blogging equivalent of when you hear an interesting band for the first time, and you just have to play them over and over again until you get sick of the fucking sight of them. Yes, Splintered Sunrise is this year's Maximo Park.
    SS throws up the information that Mailer attended Shachtmanite meetings as a young man, and that it had some influence on his novel, 'Barbary Shore'.

    Christ, Saul Bellow, James T. Farrell, Harvey Swados and, now it appears, Norman Mailer all had some sort of connection to the Workers Party. That is some heavyweight literary list, and will also make up 85% of the lyrics for Lloyd Cole's next solo album.
  • OBSERVER JOURNALISTS = MI5 PATSIES Ian Bone once again takes a trip down Class War's memory lane, but not for laughs this time.
    Bone responds to David Rose's recent revelation in the pages of the New Statesman that he [Rose] was a tame journalist for British Intelligence in the 90s/00s. Bone dates Rose's kept nature to a few years before that.
  • Debating the Russian Revolution SP(CWI) blogger, Phil BC carries a report of a recent debate between the SPGB and his lot on the subject of the Russian Revolution - 90 years on and all that - that took place at Keele University, and which was organised by Keele Socialist Students. (I mention Keele twice 'cos I have no idea where the hell it is. Maybe near Port Vale?)
    Phil's blog also reminds me that there will be a fourth event in London on the weekend of the November 17/18 that Gary Neville - SOCIALIST? - won't be attending. Get the message?

    PS - Typical Leninist that he is, Phil BC tries to hoodwink the workers by kidding them on that he has half-decent taste in music with his use of the image of an Franz Ferdinand record cover to accompany the report of the Russian Revolution debate. That centrist is fooling no one: "The Week's Top (Old) Tune: Let Me Show You by K-Klass WTF? I'd plough through Peter Taaffe's 'The Rise of Militant' again before putting myself through the pain of listening to that old pony again.

    The one thing to get this abstract propagandist out of his armchair would be if I had to switch off the radio station playing early nineties dance music. Shocking.
  • Spaces of Hope The blog's quorate, but there's nothing on the agenda.
    Come on people; get your arses in gear. Since when did you have to have something to say, before you started to post on your blog? Just make some shit up . . . like the rest of us.

    Phil BC said...

    Franz Ferdinand - WTF? I'll have you know the "Red Wedge" image has long adorned my office wall before FF made it big.

    PS Be thankful I haven't you tubed all my fave old choons of the week.

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the plug. Maybe I'll finally get off my lazy ass, and post something now.

    Darren said...

    Phil BC,

    that's an evil threat. I bet I have nightmares about early 90s episodes of Top of the Pops tonight.


    Yeah, hurry up with the new blogs. ;-)

    It's only when people like yourself, Spaces of Marie Hope Celeste and Alan J get round to blogging that I actually have any political material on the blog. You're letting the side down.