Friday, November 16, 2007

Albert Kidd knew my father.


gray said...

Stranger things have happened you know. Denmark were once 2-0 down in Italy in an important game and came back to win 2-3. It almost equalled Stockholm 1992 and the 2-0Euro Chp. victory over Germany.

The violence in Italian soccer is sad to see. *SIGH*

Best fans in the world: the Danes and the Tartan Army for sure

Reidski said...

No fucking idea what point yer mate is making there Dazza.

Fuck Italian football - any country which allows football gangs to operate - fascist or otherwise - deserves fuck all from the beautiful game. Hope we stuff them!

Oh, and Albert Kidd was my father, btw!

Darren said...

Alan's making the bread and circus's argument, and he's probably right.

Come 5pm your time I should be doing a paper sale down the Brooklyn docks but I don't think I can make it.

Reidski said...

He might be making that argument, but what do the wage slaves do in the days while waiting for economic and social equality? Sit in party meetings? No, I'll be watching the fitba!