Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Respect Sessions

No news yet of a Stephen Frears/Peter Morgan film adaptation but, in the meantime, the Fourth Internationalists, Socialist Resistance/ISG, have just brought out a part-epistolary novella detailing the crisis surrounding the split in Respect these last two months.

Naturally, being partisans on one side of the debate, they've got their side to tell, and tell it they do.

Makes sense: Peter Morgan's adaptation will be all the more smooth because of it.


John said...

It has Bargain Bin written all over it.

Darren said...

I actually like the front cover.

I could imagine that as a T shirt that Madonna might wear. As long as the lettering was in sparkly sequins.

Darren said...


Anyway, I take it that yesterday you marked this event with a pint glass of snakebite?

Phil BC said...

Any news on when the graphic novel's coming out?

Darren said...

Alan Moore has already knocked them back.

Something about the story being too fantastical.

John said...

Hard not to, Darren. I drink a pint of snakebite every morning with my marmite on toast.