Thursday, November 01, 2007

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November 2007 Socialist Standard


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  • Pathfinders Why Gould was wrong, and why Dawkins might be even more wrong
  • Cooking the Books #1 That Was Then
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  • 50 Years Ago Has Bevan Sold the Pass?
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  • Religion or Capitalism: which is the root of evil? Atheists have been coming out of the closet in recent years. But will these freethinkers also embrace the “heresy” of criticizing capitalism?
  • Materialism v Spiritism The October 1926 Socialist Standard reviewed a pamphlet by a Communist Party sympathiser entitled Is Materialism the Basis of Communism? The case against Materialism from the Revolutionary Standpoint. The author replied. We republish our reply as a still valid exposition of the scientific method.
  • I Believe It appears there has been a recent proliferation of books published on the subject of defending or promoting atheism or giving ..what isall the fuss about ?
  • The Postal Workers' Strike A postal worker reflects on the recent series of strikes.
  • Capitalism is not superior to socialism The Socialist Party speaker’s contribution to a recent debate at University College Dublin on the motion “That Capitalism is Superior to Socialism in the Modern World”.
  • Another leader falls The demise of Ming Campbell.
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  • Book Reviews: 'Who was Jesus?' Kamal Salibi; 'Against All Gods' by AC Grayling; 'God Is Not Great' by Christopher Hitchens; 'The Failure of a Dream. The Independent Labour Party from Disaffiliation to World War II' by Gidon Cohen; Struggling for a Social Europe: Neoliberal Globalisation and the Birth of a European Social Movement' by Andy Mathers; 'Marx’s Das Kapital' by Francis Wheen
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    stuart said...

    "Dawkins is a conservative who identifies the processes of capitalist trading as being prefigured in our ‘altruistic’ or ‘dealing’ genes..."

    Oh, for Christ sake, not again. Why can no one on the left get this right? It must be in your genes. Dawkins is a lefty: for Labour, for trade unions, against the Iraq war, against Bush.

    Darren said...

    Is that from Paddy's Pathfinder piece? (Going by the sitemeter, that appears to be the article in this month's Standard that everyone is clicking on.)

    Maybe you should wing a email/letter the Standard's way. (hint, hint.)

    stuart said...

    Interesting that it's popular; shame Paddy's got it wrong. It might be in his genes, but I think it's probably because lefties only bother reading Gould's side of the argument.

    Darren said...

    Paddy's always struck me as one of those annoying types who reads both sides of the argument. (Where's the opionated fun in that?) But I might be wrong in this case.

    Btw, jeez, just been reading the Anarchist Bookfair threads on Urban 75 and Libcom. Didn't realise some bloke had been punched 'cos of things that had been said on message boards.

    Darren said...

    PS - Maybe someone should mention it to CM on the WiC discussion list?

    stuart said...

    Well, there's a case where I've read neither side of the argument! Didn't know about the punch up.

    Darren said...

    In a pub after the bookfair, between someone from LibCom and another anarchist who took exception to some of the comments posted on the LibCom message boards. Sounds gruesome.