Saturday, November 03, 2007

This post title needs a rewrite: I'd thought of 'Write To Strike' before I spotted Patterson's piece.

Interesting article by John Patterson in yesterday's Guardian about the impending writers strike in Hollywood that will affect both the film and tv industry, but for the real inside track on what's going down - i.e. if this blogger was living in Harlesden rather than Hollywood, she'd be blogging about Respect - check out Nikki Finke's LA Weekly blog on why some media moguls aren't that devastated by the possible picket lines.

Being the main newspaper for an industry town, of course the LA Times is full of news of the strike action that is scheduled to start on Monday morning, and it was heartening to see the following excerpt from their press coverage about the dispute:

"Teamsters Local 399 leader Leo Reed this week urged his members to honor the picket lines, a call that was reiterated Thursday by Teamsters President James P. Hoffa. "If we abandon our union brothers and sisters now, we abandon the very core principles of trade unionism," he said.

Solidarity is the key to the winning of this struggle . . . That and the new series of 'America's Next Top Model' tanking. And we already know all about that show's murky history.

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