Friday, November 02, 2007

Eighties, We're Living In The Eighties

Wasn't the ACA last week? oh, wait up they were there last week.

On the same day that I see via yahoo news that there is a current nostalgia wave for baby boomer heavy rock from the eighties, I spot that certain baby boomer anarchists are organising a Bash The Rich/Toffs Out walking tour of Notting Hill for tomorrow that will take in a pub crawl, a bit of local radical history, and will be rounded off with a walk-by of the gaffs of David Cameron, George Osborne, that posh bloke that Hugh Grant played in that stodgy film and Tom Parker Bowles to shout the odds and generally to take the piss.

All very Leo Baxendale, and a throwback to the eighties Bash the Rich/Stop the City spectacles, but the baby boomer anarchists know that better than most, as you can tell from the glint in Ian Bone's eye in this short YouTube clip advertising tomorrow's jollee.

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