Saturday, October 20, 2007

World Cup Finals: First Time Was A Tragedy, This Time?

The 'Only Living SPGBer in Aarhus', otherwise known as Gray, is no doubt currently having a nervous run up to this minor game that will be taking place later today. Who knows, maybe these last few days he's been waking in a cold sweat thinking about the little matter of this recent encounter between England and South Africa?

Well, Gray, if it's any comfort, maybe you can draw comparisons and hope from history with these two results from over fifty years ago.

Granted the better team on that occasion lost in the final and, five decades later, we are still talking about the great team of Puskas, Czibor, Kocsis; Hidegkuti, whilst the eventual winners nary get a mention outside their own households but as you're in the grips of your very own version of 'Ninety-Minute-Nationalism' (Rugby's eighty minutes of stop-start play, right?), I'll cut you some slack this one time.

Wishing you well on a day that, as a socialist who has also been known to succumb to bouts of N-M-N, I've never had to go through, and (probably) never will.


gray said...

cheers Darren.

The nerves are rattling for sure. 6-3 to SA at the moment.

Will said...

3-0 to Rangers tho...