Thursday, October 04, 2007

Socialist Standards as a Slideshow

OK, I admit it; with the previous post on XTC's Colin Moulding and this post on the Socialist Standard front covers, it's bloody obvious that I've just this minute discovered how to embed a slideshow on the blog. Bite me.

However, whereas the XTC single covers slideshow was a wee indulgence on my part, I have to state for the record that the slideshow of the front covers of the Socialist Standard from the last couple of years are here pride of place because the design of the Socialist Standard has been consistently excellent during this time period.

Any longstanding Socialist Standard readers who can remember the *cough* 'Elvis Presley front cover' or *double-bastard cough* 'the rabbit in a vice front cover' will know that there have been periods in the history of the Socialist Standard when it looked like it was being designed by someone with a personal grudge against the SPGB.

Baseball cap off to cdes Neil Windle and Paddy Shannon for their excellent work. Long may it continue.


gray said...

I stood outside a tubestation with a copy of the Standard. A guy burst into hysterical laughter at the sight of it. It was not because it was funny funny. Eeeek. It's fun selling the paper though. Oh the stories I could tell....

BTW, Terry Waite and Cascarion??? Never heard the joke Darren

Darren said...

And those stories you should tell. ;-)

PS - What was Terry Waite's first question when being released from captivity? Has Cascarino scored for Celtic yet?