Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Burnley Man

Leninist Vanguard editor, Dave Dudley, takes time out from his current self-imposed exile in Miami to shout Schadenfreude! in a very loud voice at the SWP and George Galloway over at Monesvain's Place.

Then again, it might not be the real DD. It may be an imposter doing a karaoke Dave Dudley for comedic effect. Who cares? This is post #997, and I will soon be able to put the blog on a low gas again.


gray said...

you might want to note something I have scanned, corrected for typo errors - I think - and posted to take you to #998; as well as being something you are welcome to copy and paste to your Myspace page, old boy! (Benji can be a li'l bit infectious. lol)

Reidski said...

I was too scared to post anything on that one as I was unsure if it was a parody. But, as you say, who cares? It is utterly fantastic! And good luck with the fast approaching big 1,000. I have a feeling it might have something to do with us beating Benfica 2-1 tonight - there, I said it, that's my prediction!

Darren said...


I'll definitely post it on MySpace ;-)


Yeah, it is a parody. The bloke who wrote it - maybe him, might be one of mates - is the original 'Harry' of HP fame.

Granted it is very funny, and I did used to love his 'Sectarian Worker' skits from a few years back, but he does have an inside track on such matters.

'Harry' used to be a Straight Lefter in the old CP, before he got the call to 'decency'. Yep, he signed up to the Tank division thirty years after Hungary!! What a bounder.

Celtic to get a result tonight? Stranger things haven't happened.

I refuse to even think about it. If I was going to go down the road of indulging in such fanciful futuristic utopianism, I would have to go the whole nine yards: a Riordan hat trick, with headlines across Europe the next day in the football pages which asks if 'Super Del' is the new Messi. ;-)

Darren said...


where's those two goals you promised me?

And Riordan didn't even make the bench!!