Sunday, October 21, 2007

Must Try Harder

An old clip from Fox News, but a funny one. Sean Hannity confronts his old socialist professor from NYU, who supposedly had the temerity of giving him his lowest ever college grade because, in Hannity's words, he refused to regurgitate the rubbish socialist ideas that he was being force-fed in the classroom.

'Supposedly', because before anyone thinks that this is half David Horovitz/half Howard Kirk, where proof is provided by Hannity of the left-wing bias entrenched in academia and its persecution of those students and faculty who fall outside it's ideological box, it turns out that Bertell Ollman wasn't Hannity's red professor at NYU during the eighties, and simply took the opportunity of the television appearance to publicise Democracy Now.

Anyone who has read Ollman's 'Class Struggle Is the Name of the Game: True Confessions of a Marxist Businessman', about the travails of getting his board game, Class Struggle, produced, will recognise the glint in Ollman's eye as he gently chides Hannity whilst also playing up to the eccentric professor routine.

Unlike yesterday's result, a win for the good guys.

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old hack said...


Why are Americans so afraid of a word? We were a socialist nation until the industrial revolution. then the rich didnt want to pay taxes anymore and it caused a great depression.

gray said...

I would have given him a C -unt. I can't stand that creep Hannity