Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween - candy and cuban communism

Spotted this interesting pumpkin on my travels.

I've been here before with this whole pumpkin business on the blog, but what can I say: Halloween is so much more of a bigger deal in the States than it is back in Britain. Any excuse for some adults to dress up in the most unlikely of costumes, IMHO. (That joke is as old as some of the candy I'm giving out to the local kids tonight.)

An Afterthought

I'm as cynical as the next abstract propagandist when it comes to spotting a latter-day Citizen Smith sporting the radical chic of Che, but it just struck me that when I see someone wearing a Che T shirt locally, it's usually someone from the Latino community . . .someone who's doing the shittiest of jobs for the crappiest of wages. No chic there.

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