Saturday, October 27, 2007

Song of the Day

I know I've already posted a late Friday's playlist, but on this day of days there can only be one song that is appropriate for today:

David Rovics - 'I'm A Better Anarchist Than You'' mp3

It's only available to download for the shortest of times, and you should high-tail it over to David Rovics website for more goodies than you can shake a rolled up AK Press catalogue at.

Good luck to Dave and Stuart with their Rag Day. (Looking forward to reading about it at FDTW.) And a special mention and best of wishes also go out to Stair. If the stallholders page for the website is any guide - and it isn't - his stall will be stuck between Aufheben and Class War. Nothing like getting a front row seat to the high end and the special brew end of the direct action/anarchist movement in Britain.

I'm sure the ACA* will be bigger than ever this year - even if it rarely ever seems to translate into a strengthened Anarchist movement all year round - and in this week of weeks which have been so damaging for the largest Trotskyist movement in Britain, it's interesting to note that one of the speakers at this year's bookfair will be Paul Mason, and that the AWL's No Sweat is doing a joint meeting with the IWW on the campaign against Starbucks.

Nice to see that old faithfuls such as Ian Bone, Stuart Christie and Iain McKay will also be doing meetings this year.

No doubt every anarchist and autonomous group in Britain will have pulled their fingers out in the last few months to ensure that if they publishing anything at all this year, it will be in time for the bookfair. The Ashbourne Court Group will probably have their stall outside the event, the AK Press mega-stall will be ridiculously overpriced and there will be some falling out amongst former friends that will be written up at length on both the Urban 75 and Libcom message boards in the coming days.

I'm just hoping that the New York rain will let off enough this afternoon for me to pop along to this event with my knapsack of abstract propaganda.

*ACA - Annual Commodification of Anarchism

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stuart said...

Sorry, only just spotted this. Thanks! The day was a great success. And we were stuck only by some of the nicest guys in anarchism.