Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Boorish Boruc?

I actually think Boruc might have a point on this one.

Did I miss the memo that stated football players had to act like something out of 'Corinthian-Casuals - The Movie', whether they felt like it or not? (I bet I did - there will be a bullshit FIFA directive out there about it.)

Boruc is guilty of nothing more than candour, which is more than can be said for the Celtic and R*ngers boards with their hollow cant about tackling sectarianism, whilst their eyes glisten at the ever-ringing cash registers.

I nearly coughed up my cream cheese bagel Saturday morning, when I caught a glimpse of Hutton, Ferguson and McCulloch on the big screen with their gee'd up sectarian gurning. If they're that hate-filled when they are rolling over a disappointing Celtic, think what they'd be like at the receiving end of a Celtic hammering? (I'm know such a scenario is hard to imagine at the moment.)

Boruc was within his rights not to indulge in the post-match hypocrisy.


Chocolate@Pink said...

How does one act like something out of Corinthian-Casuals ?

Reidski said...

Might have a point???? It's a superb display by the boy Boruc. Certainly better than that put on by the 10 sorry excuses in front of him on Saturday. As for Strachan going to take a look into the matter after our game against Benfica, I hope that is mere journalistic speculation. Otherwise, what is Strachan going to do about it? What has Boruc done wrong?

Darren said...

Chocolate@Pink ,

apologies for my use of poetic license.

I was of course referring more to the pre-Corinthian-Casuals, the Corinthians, and their commitment to amateurism and a fair play ethos. ;-)

I'm guessing by the username that you're a Corinthian Casual fan.

Many many years ago I saw them play Hemel Hempstead at Hemel's Vauxhall Road stadium. Trying to remember if it was the old Isthmian League or the later Ryman League. Probably neither - maybe a FA Vase game.

Can't remember the year - mid-eighties? - nor the final score, but don't let that stop me making a piss poor joke about the CC's style of play on that day being anything but Corinthian, and their defending more than casual.

I bet you've never heard that joke before.