Sunday, October 14, 2007


Noticed via the sitemeter that the blog is getting shedloads of hits at the moment becuase of people searching for the 'We Have A Dream' mp3, which just goes to show that Scotland football fans are never happier than at the moment just prior to slipping on the proverbial Georgian Peach. Prove me wrong, please . . .

And whilst I'm on the subject of yesterday's football, could someone please explain to me what the deal was with the positioning of the Ukrainian defenders for Scotland's second goal? When McCulloch collected that pass from Ferguson, the left side of the penalty box looked like a scene from the Marie Celeste. Strange times.

However, for this blogger that mystery pales into insignificance in comparison to another sitemeter sighting this morning. It turns out that someone found the blog via a google search for "julius martov" mark e smith.

Christ, I'll be chewing over the rhyme and reason for that particular search for the rest of the day now. Surely Smith is more of a Workers' Opposition type of guy? It casts a whole new meaning to the lyrics of 'Hey! Student'.

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