Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Murray Bookchin for Beginners

I was initially going to be snotty about Janet Biehl's My Graphics About Murray Bookchin blog, but who am I to be a cheeky bastard? This is what blogging is all about, and even if some of the material isn't exactly my cup of tea, I hope her intent for it to eventually become a graphic novel reaches fruition.

Biehl worked with Bookchin closely for the last twenty years of his life, and it was via her graphic blog that I found out about the essay, Bookchin Breaks With Anarchism, that she has written for inclusion in the forthcoming AK Press title, 'Anarchism for the 21st Century' (edited by Larry Gambone & Pat Murtagh).

Interesting read, and it just goes to show that sometimes it pays not to be on permanent smirky mode. One question, though: what's with the photograph of David Crosby on the blog? (Phuk it, I can't break free from my all consuming sarkiness.)

Hat tip to the Commie Curmudgeon for bringing the blog to my attention.

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John said...

Thanks, Darren That essay is really interesting. But the idea that anarchists are NOT socialists?! Only in America.