Sunday, October 07, 2007

Blog Post-It Note

Dedicate the Alex Glasgow mp3 to Glasgow Branch of the SPGB and to Shiraz Socialist's Volty P for the most obvious of reasons.

Word a suitable disclaimer for uploading this and any future mp3s: no money is being made out of uploading the mp3 . . . only uploading hard to find songs and if someone wants me to take a particular song down, I will do so on request . . . it's for information purposes only . . . please urge you to go out and both buy the entire back catalogue of the artist featured and to donate 10% of your earnings to Bono's favourite charity . . . why don't you have to go through this rigmarole when uploading You Tube videos? Surely that's the bigger scam? Cut and paste the legal disclaimer from someone else's blog.

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