Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Introduction To Seinfeldism

Just two shy of 1000 published posts, and it should have been my proudest blogging moment.

The wee devil sitting on my shoulder - otherwise known as my sitemeter - lets me know that someone has found the blog via a google search for an "introduction to socialism". And it appears at first glance that it gets even better.

The specific search has my post catapulted right into page one of google with a bullet, alongside such illustrious (dead) company as Leo Huberman, Paul Sweezy, Einstein and Engels.

All those hours spent sweating out impossibilist theory as I scratch out rants about music, footie and Sarah Silverman, and it finally pays off with my very own variation on blogging entryism: Inveresk Street Ingrate as a surreptitious gateway drug to SPGBism

So what's the catch? The proverbial kick in the balls? It leads people to this this bastard post.

That groan at my political own goal you can hear back in London is the spirit of Freddie Engels, murmuring: "What a wanker. Typical sectarian progeny of that other tosser, Hyndman."


Will said...

And you half-inched the link to the Sienfield scripts site from me you bastard -- without so much as a cap tip never mind a hat tip.

Fucking SPGBer loser!

Darren said...



I remember writing that post after seeing the very episode as a rerun on TBS. Found the snatch of dialogue on one of those Seinfeld geek-obsessive sites. ("Kramer borrowed a bowl of Jerry's Apple Jacks in Series 4 Episode 13, but neglected to replace them until Series 7 Episode 4 . . . 6 minutes 14 seconds in.)

But I'll concede you the "Fucking SPGBer loser!" line.

You've got me bang to rights on that one.

Darren said...


do you fancy claiming credit for this one as well?

I don't think I want it.