Monday, October 15, 2007

Turn The Other Cheek, Christian

Don't mind me. I'm only four years late with this YouTube clip of what many people consider to be Christian Dailly's finest moment, and which occurred in the aftermath of Scotland's 2-1 defeat to Germany in the qualifying stages of the 2004 European Championships.

The outburst is fascinating to me if only because I never took Dailly to be the Keano type, and because the BBC Sports report of the game gives no indication that the penalty was in any way considered dubious. Obviously something was getting on Dailly's wick that night as this clip further confirms, and it suggests there should now be a rethink on Dailly's career before he retires. Maybe after all this time, it turns out a 'Keano' should in fact be entitled a 'Dailly'.

Don't mind my fluff posting on such trivial out of date matters. I'm cranking out the posts at an accelerated pace at the moment to get myself behind a blogging landmark that is currently looming on the horizon. And when you couple that with the fact that I'm suffering from a temporary bout of "Ninety Minute Nationalism", it adds up to me scouring YouTube for cinefilm of the Wembley Wizards, and putting the finishing touches to a five thousand word blog post on why I think England's fifth goal in this infamous game was offside.

This current bout of NMN better pass soon, 'cos I don't have the legs to pull off the feat of wearing a kilt. And the more I think about it, Scotland qualifying for the 2008 European Championship will seriously mar any chance I get of actually enjoying the tournament next year.

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Kevin Williamson said...

Hey Darran, why not extend yer 90 minute nationalism into full blown progressive patriotism mode. Its a good fit even on anarchistic/internationalist shoulders like my own. You've got to admit it was the daftest call in the Communist Manifesto, the stuff about workers having no country. M&E couldnt have got that one more wrong if they tried. Course we've got countries. Football is one proof :-)