Friday, October 26, 2007

A Mashup* in TH

Radar: "Their ringer spotted our ringer."

A total misuse and misapplication of a film quote as you will see below but it is drag down Friday, and I couldn't help but think of the above quote from M*A*S*H, Robert Altman's classic 1970 anti-war film, after I spotted this comment from 'Johng' over at Socialist Unity Blog:

"In other words this was an anti-democratic move. All this talk of late surges. Really. How absurd. Hundreds of people were being recruited and paid for by a single counciler just a couple of weeks ago. Did you not notice?" (From here.)

Mmm, an SWPer getting all upset at the idea of someone packing a meeting. Whatever next? A mormon complaining about someone turning up unannounced on their doorstep on a wet and windy Wednesday night? In fact, I can just picture it:

The scene: The doorstep to a mansion situated just outside Boston. Two people with clipboards and a bundle of papers are at the door. The one who rings the doorbell does all the talking.

Bright eyed and bushy-tailed doorstepper - Mr Romney?

Mitt Romney [hesitant and wary.] yes?

BEABTD - You signed our petition back in August . . .

MR - I did?

BEABTD - Yes, it was about plans for a local incinerator.

MR - OK, I vaguely remember that, and did you vote for me like I asked when signing the petition?

BEABTD - Sorry, we'd already committed ourselves to Ron Paul. He has a more consistently anti-imperialist position on the war.

MR - [clearly irritated] I'm a busy man. What do you want?

BEABTD - Well, as you signed our petition, we've thought you'd be interested in an event we've organised. It will be a week of debate, drama and the dialectic.

[Bushy-eyed hands Romney a glossy brochure advertising the event. A familiar face stares out from the brochure.]

MR - Wait a minute? This was months ago. I'm a mormon not a moron. You know there's a difference, right? Wait up . . . I get it. You don't know how to finish this post, do you?

BEABTD - [Now looking anything but bright-eyed. If anything, looking a bit sheepish.] Don't know what you mean.

MR - You should have finished the post on the quote from M*A*S*H. That was one of your better efforts.

BEABTD - [Now totally crestfallen.} I guess so. But we still have to sell another five tickets for this event or our district organiser will have us doing paper sales outside Foodtown for the next six months. What do you suggest?

MR - "Off you go - fuck off, fuck off the lot of you" [Slams the door in their face.]

BEABTD - [Talking to the door just shut in his face.] Ok, totally understand. Would you like to take out a supporters subscription to our newspaper, then?

Mashup - "A Jamaican Creole term meaning to destroy".

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